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Scotwork's consultants are true negotiation experts, not just trainers. 

If you need discreet, professional advice on a critical deal, refinement of strategy, rehearsal for that big meeting or advice on improving your organization’s “deal systems,” they can help. 

Strategy Development We will help you to fully understand and appreciate the differences between the various strategic options you face. Together, we'll create a model to aid the process of negotiation to drive better outcomes, in less time. Rehearsal How do you assess your team's preparation for their next major negotiation? Has a strategy been developed and tested to enable your team to deliver a good outcome quickly? Scotwork can assist in equipping the team with confidence, control and a vital commercial advantage in contract negotiations. Part of the Team You can have Scotwork's considerable negotiation skills and experience of the issues on your side when facing significant challenges, contracts or difficult change. Scotwork will come on board in a consultancy role for a short or long-term assignment. Coaching Our professional coaches challenge individuals to perform at their best and help them to measure up by providing a personal program that makes the most of their individual strengths.