Since 1975, Scotwork has led the field with ground-breaking negotiation methods. 

This e-book is a collection of 10 articles our experienced negotiators have put together to help you improve your negotiations today! Every article has tips and advice that any level of negotiator can use right now. 

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation

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Scotwork’s methods aren’t academic. They’re not theoretical. They’re practical. They’re hands-on. Best of all, they produce immediate results. In 2.5 days, you’ll have a skill set you can use in your next negotiation. Our clients report 13X the course fee within just three months — some reporting far more than that, almost immediately.  

"I was able to immediately identify what was most dear to me, what was most dear to my partner. We were able to negotiate another $20MM over the life of the contract." - John Kennedy, Defense Contract Analyst, Leidos


Negotiation Skills Training and Development 

Our courses are led by experienced professional negotiators and provide immediately applicable tools that give both novice and experienced negotiators the ability to succeed.

Negotiation Coaching 

 We transform management and executives into negotiation coaches to enable their teams to continue to develop their negotiation capabilities.

Negotiation Consulting 

Have a must win deal on the horizon? Our Negotiation Consultants can help get your team prepared and be there to advise them all throughout the deal.

Organizational Negotiation Practices 

Need a better process for preparing, managing, and executing negotiations? Let our Negotiation Consultants transform your organization’s negotiation culture.


Scotwork’s expert consultants have worked for some of the world’s biggest, most profitable companies. They’ve coached executives around the globe, in 24 languages. Now they’re ready to share decades of real-world negotiation experience with you. We're frequently referred to as their secret weapon! 

Scotwork’s training methods are guaranteed to improve your negotiation skills. They’re that effective. Loaded with hands-on, interactive coaching, they turn the passive into the active, throwing you into LIVE-action case plays that fine-tune your newly acquired skills.

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