Negotiation Mayhem

Download the Negotiation Mayhem Bracket to see what causes the most mayhem at the negotiation table as voted on by our community!

A lot of mayhem can happen every time we sit down to negotiate. How we get through the mayhem comes down our negotiation skills, our experience, and understanding the negotiation process.

We asked our team of Scotwork negotiators to compile the most common mayhem-causing issues during negotiations. From there, our community voted to narrow that list down from 32 issues to 16. During our Negotiation Mayhem webinar (click to view the webinar), the audience voted on which 8 issues we would discuss live. After literally thousands of votes, we got the list down to the #1 mayhem-inducing issue.

Download your copy of the Negotiation Mayhem bracket to see how the issues faired and which one was the most mayhem inducing!

Learn which issues are causing the most negotiation mayhem and how to deal with it.

Free Webinar that took place on April 4, 2024

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