Negotiation Mayhem

A lot of mayhem can happen every time we sit down to negotiate. How we get through the mayhem comes down to our preparation, skill, and ability to be in the moment.

Help us identify the most mayhem-causing issues during your negotiation, and at our Negotiation Mayhem webinar on April 4, 2024, we'll share with you the best ways to deal with the mayhem you voted on!

This week's mayhem: The Other Side.

These are issues caused by the other side’s actions or choices.

For each pairing, pick the one you find to be more mayhem inducing.

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April 4, 2024 @ 10A PT / 1P ET


Every week you can narrow down the list of 32 mayhem situations situations across four categories to the most mayhem causing issue at the table.

The issue categories are:

  • Other Side’s Mayhem: Issues caused by the other side’s actions or choices.
  • Self-Created Mayhem: What we do to ourselves that creates situations we have to deal with.
  • Power Mayhem: Turbulence created when there’s a power imbalance.
  • Miscellaneous Mayhem: Everything else that creates obstacles for us at the table.

Attend the webinar to find which of the 32 situations creates the most mayhem and what to do about it!