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Improve your financial forecast through intelligent dealmaking

What's intelligent dealmaking?

Dealmaking is not about winning at all costs — in today’s world, there’s too much at stake. Savvy negotiators bring intelligent dealmaking to the table in order to maximize value for their side, while creating value for the other side. This ensures they create deals that will last and be supported by all involved. This requires insight, creativity, curiosity, and an expansive negotiation toolbox.

How can Scotwork help?

We make negotiation part of your organization’s DNA and drive results for you by optimizing your entire Dealmaking Ecosystem™ — focusing on specific deals, negotiation skills, and negotiation systems.

Optimizing your Dealmaking Ecosystem requires an examination of your organizational processes and methods that support your negotiators in their dealmaking. When this system breaks down, it can leave negotiators stranded and leadership flummoxed regarding what to do and how to support. The net results are suboptimal performance and more bad deals than good. When the system is optimized, negotiators are equipped to handle a variety of situations effectively, critical deals have the necessary resources and support, and leadership has the ability to drive consistency and efficiency across their dealmaking organizations. This leads to better deals faster while maintaining or strengthening relationships with the other party.

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Deal Consulting

Get the most from your deals. Expert support at the beginning, middle, and the close of deals is a game changer.

Organizations that tell their dealmakers to just go “do it,” without providing the right support typically see a disappointing percentage of closed deals that meet targeted results.

Our clients see remarkable outcomes when they provide consulting support to negotiators who typically receive direction about what they need to do, but little or no guidance about how to accomplish their goals. Teams that struggle to meet development goals, including increased contract margins and more sales of their solution set, find that negotiation consulting helps them meet and exceed their targets.

Bringing in a team of negotiation experts helps dealmakers get the best deals possible and protects your organization’s most critical deals.

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Skills Development

Upskill your negotiators. Optimizing negotiators' skills demands more than just an event.

Every negotiator, regardless of their experience or seniority, has a set of negotiation skills they've learned. However, most professionals don't purposefully develop this crucial skill and their negotiation skill set may be narrow, and only really successful in certain situations.

To develop dealmakers and optimize their negotiation outcomes, organizations need to assess team members' current skill levels, create a training program specific to a team but personalized to its individuals, and provide ongoing resources and coaching that support their negotiators' development.

Scotwork has developed negotiators for nearly 50 years. Our proven programs make successful negotiation part of your team's dealmaking DNA.

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Negotiation Systems

Your internal systems should support dealmakers — not inhibit them. Few organizations have a clearly defined negotiation process that helps negotiators to achieve their goals.

Organizations have systems and processes for almost everything they do, from submitting expense reports to annual performance reviews and budget allocation. However, few organizations have a clearly defined negotiation process. Systems and processes that do not support dealmaking result in wasted time, effort, and energy, regardless of how skilled dealmakers are or what support they receive.

More importantly, leadership needs to have visibility into the deal pipeline and the ability to influence and guide the strategies of the deals in progress. A documented negotiation process integrated into your organization’s core functions and stakeholder processes will support your strategic objectives.

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